Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm like, trying my best to multitask right now. I prepare to cook, watch the Lakers-Spurs Game 5 and hit the keypads like there's something rational to write (like I've always written something sensible,duh).

Yeah right, a very unlikely tasks done at once.



It makes my finger pungent.

It hurts my eyes.

and so my thumb too.

Maybe I've underestimated the peeler Queen Elizabeth bought nearly a month ago-- that's why I ended up cutting the back of my thumbnail yesterday. Sure thing, it stiiinnngs. *___*

And it stung worse, when I sliced onions a while ago. Ugh.

I guess I've insulted the peeler enough; I advised my brother to use the knife instead before and I told Queen Elizabeth it was a stupid purchase.

Well, look who's stupid.HAHA. I think I just didn't know how to use the manual device. Yeah, I'm twice dead foolish considering it's...MANUAL.

The peeler sure put up a sweet revenge.


Oh well, on the other hand, the Spurs better put up a good Game 5. :) They better be remembered for a Greatest-Games-worth game today, like their first playoff game with Phoenix that was very a viewing pleasure. :)

Holla, it's all YELLOW-VIO. I ignite my love for Kobe. ;)

The Lakers has come back from a 17-point deficit. :) Smells like, Western Confe Champs :P


Oh well, I better go back to the kitchen.

By the way, I'm cooking cabbages for lunch. :P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

trash talk.

Nope. This post is not what it seems to be. Trash talk sans the litany of cusses, fo shizzle. :)


Why am I such a clutter connoisseur (what the heck. i am not even sure how to pronounce this word flawlessly. i just the learned the word days ago, why do i risk using it here.HAHA)? Does misplacing (and eventually losing) stuffs count as an expertise? Damn it! (I couldn't really imagine the words escaping from my lips. HAHA)

My latest mislayed item...TADA! A blog post draft.

Ugh. That was the draft I scribbled to kill time at Queen Elizabeth's work place! And yeah, that was something first for a long time-- scribbling (since tapping the keyboards was considerably within reach always).

Fire it. Sure thing, this wasn't the first time I misplaced some paper with something important (or something just important to me important and just important to me-- there's quite a difference). No doubt, I score A's in this subject.

Papers are so easy to turn a blind eye to; it's quite predictable why they end up in trash bins. One won't even bother to look if it's a scrawled phone number, an important Physics lecture, a rough copy of your Formal Composition due tomorrow or a crucial Opening Remarks speech.

It happened several times before. I learned my lessons..and I keep learning them. Probably, the "Lost " episodes will occur more than several soon considering the advent of the school year.

Pen, lipbalm, handbag (believe me!), earrings, hanky...and uh...more pens, and pencils, yeah. Name it. I've lost a lot of those little things that make a blithe and blighted life bearable. Especially the ballpens part...ugh! It befalls like déjà vu.

The experiences never fail to teach me lessons. And swear, I try hard to live by the morals. But just when I'm keeping up with the rhythm of not misplacing something again, by a sudden of twist of fate, I lose another something...again! And the worse part is, at times, it's not even my fault!

Whatever happened to sanity.

But well, I'm quite sure I'm guilty of losing that blog post draft. HAHA.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008





Kailangan ko ng tulong mo! Mang Jose...Mang Jose..

Monday, May 26, 2008


It came on the right time. More than the right time, it arrived on the perfect stretch.

Summer had never been so dull. For that, I can't thank my online buddies* enough for putting Edward Cullen (with love) in their profiles, which apparently sparked my curiosity. In due course...I'm officially immersed to Twilight! (oh yeah, you may say "at last")

I finished the book this morning. Well, maybe earlier if I was a vampire, I could've finished it before the sunrise, by twilight. :) But see, I SOOO love my zzzz's. :)

Twilight came out like 3 years ago but as above-mentioned, I just learned about the Meyer masterpiece this summer. Maybe I knew about the thriller-romance late, but I quote: "It came on the right time. More than the right time, it arrived on the perfect stretch."

It was delighting to get hooked something that spared me from eating and surfing, and more unnecessary munching. The Edward just increased twofold in my (love) life-- Westwick plus Cullen.

Sabaw kung sabaw. :))


[okay, here's the real story, sorry for the irrelevant pre-intro. :) ]


Just when there's no more page to turn (I might purchase New Moon, the sequel, this weekend, and Eclipse, a weekend before I officially declare myself a student again), I retorted to my (our!) summer habit-- (nearly endless) net surfing.

I visited the ningpage*, the closest thing I have to friendster, aside from facebook. I haven't opened the site for quite some time. Oh well, so I noticed, Matt Mangoba, the brilliant avilon creator, changed the interface (when I only meant, tab labels and fonts, silly). I hovered to the Discussions tab because I hardly care about my profile (wallcommenting and inviting "fffriends") anymore.

Blockmates. The forum title immediately stole my windows such that my fingers released a speedy click. Oh well, people from the ningpage were declaring their blocks already. It's undeniably posted.

It took me two multiply sites to confirm my block. In the first site, I clicked right away the first of four pics tagged Meco. I bore the idea that somewhere in these shots, my name will appear in a sea of neutrals. The first one did not display my name. Nor did the second one. Oh probably, it's just on...oh well not. I'm neither found in the last two.

Anxiety crept my vessels. Don't I belong? Hey, I confirmed my slot personally. I was there, I even saw my schoolmates. :)

The second multiply site, to my relief, assured me that I am a part of the five-blocks-degree-program; of which I belong to the first-- block H.

See, I was wrong with the first multiply site (the same way it wronged me too), it was just there and then, my name. The H.jpg was left unnoticed because it wasn't relevantly labeled compared to the following MgtEco blocks, of which had "Meco" on their caption.

So much for the trifles. I might have already checked that my name was actually in the list, but I haven't checked yet if there's even a ningperson who happens to be in the same block. I did found familiar names, names I see on the other blocks. I, for an instance, found no one from the same block, but I was dead sure I found something mooorrree hilarious. Check this out:

All my schooling life, I get up my bed everyday knowing that I share my name with someone (always)in school. And whether I am outside or inside in the school, it will always be like that in this vast universe.

But I haven't really woken up knowing there will be another Karen Anne that will be neighbouring me for two years (blocks are solid in my school for two years). And on a clearer note, a Karen Anne A. The whole name literally differs on the surname, and well I hope, the middle name.

It's not that I have never considered that there will be more Karen Anne's in this world. Karen is such a common name, and so is Anne which is clearly easier to attach with any name. My mom really lacked some creativity. HAHA.

It's just that it's soooo.....surreal :)

It may sound like, but I am not ranting about it. Really. Everything's just dead funny and soooo.....surreal :)

I hope she doesn't talk like me (I'm bad with orals). What if we have the same macho-yet-clumsy gait? What if she looks like me? HAHA. Will there be clone wars in block H? :)) I SOOOO HOPE NOT. :)

I'm just morphing into a paranoid will all these comparisons I'm presuming :P Lalo na if she's intelligent. We'll be tagged Karen Bobo and Karen Uno. HAHA. :))

I just hope she isn't pissed that's she's actually sharing her name with me! :))

Oh I'm just sure those who arranged the blocks enjoyed themselves in putting two Karen Anne A.'s together :P

See you soon, Karen Anne A. Vera! :))

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is not a post; this is merely dropping by.


I deleted my tagboard because...



oh did I just see Edward Westwick in my dreams? *____*

Chuck Bass was speaking in tagalog I swear and he loves me.

Literally, a dream I don't mind getting stucked to until forever ends.

*swoons then dies*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Pessimism is chewing me whole…all the time…all my life (read: since age of reason). I guess, I certainly neeeveeerrr catered my weak spots properly. When I said properly, it denotes fighting spirit and persistence. It’s such a shame that my definition of properly has fully ripened but I waste time executing improperly.

I drown in a sea of disgrace.

I am so frustrated that I bend my idea of strength, contradicting my own thoughts. Maybe it just goes to show how weak I am; maybe I was just conjuring all along that I am a tough cookie. I never served myself right when I knew the remedy all along.

On such a tender age, I have engineered a sturdy wall of pride. I did not allow myself to lose because I wasn’t allowing to myself to try─ which hinders me from the taste of glory.. I was denying myself of acceptance because I refused rejection─ which hinders me from the taste of glory.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


22.8% to go...

I won't go to sleep without my windows setting on the latest Gossip Girl Epi.

Since I find it hard to finish Philippa Gregory's The Constant Princess, I am killing waiting time by dropping by this crapbox. :)

I am not in the frame of mind for some serious blogging or lengthy typing; my brainwaves are MIA. Neither am I on the mood to organize my thoughts, pick-up the best words to use and care to correct whatever there is to be corrected.

I am just typing out loud whatever words my neurons spontaneously delivers.

Just to kill waiting time.

20.4% to go...

I cannot believe it thought but 'course it was probable- I have not touched the laptop for straight 48 hours! :) Wow. As in LITERALLY, I did not even touch the laptop last Sunday and Monday.

My tatay celebrated his 76th birthday last Sunday so it was like a Social Being Holiday. I was able to cook spaghetti, interact with my cousins, watch from the neighbor's telly and breathe the outside air.

Remember. My Pursuit of Happiness Tip #1 post from Reader's Digest is a well-proven fact.

19.2% remaining...

Well, another thing why I almost tossed this account to the wastebasket-- Queen Elizabeth and my sis have been using the laptop more more more than I do. Queen E checks her mails and "Skypes" Daddy five solid nights a week and my sister is soooo glued to + links since her kuya introduced her to it. Icka has been enjoying the flash games, especially the dress-up games. You know, like online paper dolls? :D Or shall I say virtual dolls. She got bored of what everythinggirl, nicksplat and cartoonnetwork have to offer so she is very much enjoying the myriad of the oriental-scribbled flash games.

17.8% remaining...

Actually, Icka wasn't the only one enjoying. Haha. Last week, I also got hooked to Hot Dog Bush. And I must say, I did well for someone who do not have the reflexes. :))

17.3% remaining...

I became a part of something today! Hail the Ning friends! Thanks to Matthew Mangoba and friends! :D Don't you notice? My sentences are running shorter.

17% remaining...

I am excited for Monday.

16.8% remaining...

Lazy bubbles rising!